Every year, the Bonsai Society of Winnipeg mounts a display of our members’ trees. Admittance is free.


Some of the trees on exhibit are native to Manitoba and reflect the Canadian landscape. Others are exotic tropical species from far-off places such as the Caribbean, South-east Asia, China or India.


Most of the Club members have been creating these bonsai for only a few short years, and their trees are not very old at all. Only a handful of the display trees are really old; a very few even exceed 100 years! These venerable old treasures are Canadian trees collected from areas where the harsh environment has naturally stunted their growth. In all cases, whether young or old, purchased or collected, the tree’s proportions result from training which seeks to suggest trees which are stately, handsome, and old.


While it is fun to wonder about the actual age of a bonsai, it is the artistic expression which produces the profound bonsai experience. We have heard visitors to our shows exclaim:


“This bonsai reminds me of an old growth cedar grove!”


“This forest looks just like an island in the Lake of the Woods!”


“I can imagine myself sitting under this tree, reading a good book.”


One 10-year-old boy wanted to be “digitized” [sic] so he could be small enough to climb the bonsai he was admiring!


Surprise, wonderment, amazement, and a general sense of calm and well-being are feelings that many visitors express when viewing our Club’s annual display.


So remember to check this page again and plan to attend the Annual Bonsai Display.


NEXT Bonsai Show:


Fall Garden Expo

Shelmerdine Garden Centre

September 16 at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


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