Introduction To Growing Bonsai

So your friend gave you a bonsai tree and you just don’t know how to care for it!


Perhaps you saw the beautiful display at the Annual Bonsai Show and wanted to understand the mysteries of Bonsai. Or maybe you always wanted to try your hand at growing some and wondered where to start.


The Bonsai Society of Winnipeg offers an Introductory Course on Bonsai each fall. Through lectures and hands-on workshops, Bonsai Society of Winnipeg volunteer teachers cover the basics of how to create and care for Bonsai. A course manual, wire, membership and a tropical, field grown ficus tree are included. Course participants can also harvest additional trees native to Manitoba on guided field trips each spring and fall or purchase them from a local nursery.


The course is taught on eight consecutive week-day evenings from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm from mid-September to mid-November.


This is a wonderful way to learn about the artistic and horticultural aspects of the hobby. It is highly recommended for anyone who wants to begin growing bonsai in Manitoba.


The course is 20 hours in total.

Material covered in the course includes:


  • Bonsai history and basics
  • Bonsai styles and artistic principles
  • Techniques for pruning and shaping trees
  • Care of bonsai including watering, fertilizing, repotting, pest control, and over-wintering
  • Sources of tools, pots, wire, soil and other supplies
  • Species and sources of trees appropriate for your location
  • Various hands-on practice
  • In the last two sessions you will style your first bonsai!


The cost is $250 per person and covers:


  • A tropical, field-grown bonsai, retail value $125.00
  • A course manual which you keep as a handy reference
  • Supplies used during course workshops and demos
  • One year full membership to the Bonsai Society of Winnipeg


Individuals taking the course are encouraged to attend as many club meetings as possible in order to reinforce what they have learned through the course. Many will also take part in the club guided digs in order to obtain trees native to Manitoba.


The course dates are announced when we have a minimum of 12 participants on the waiting list. A deposit of $100 is required when you confirm your participation. The balance is due at the first class.



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